Apply for ADTIA Membership

Board Membership

Board Membership is open to those companies, industry bodies and/or associations that work in the digital reception and telecommunications sector, ranging from small businesses through to large corporate organisations.

Board Members will have the opportunity to vote on all ADTIA discussions and issues as well as be invited to attend or access information from Industry Work Groups held by ADTIA.

Upon registration as an Enterprise Member a User Password will be issued to help designated individuals access multiple levels of information about the industry. It will also allow access to personal development programs at reduced or no cost. Board Members will have the right to include the ADTIA Members logo on their marketing materials as well as the opportunity to promote their business through advertisements and web links on the ADTIA site and electronic newsletters.

  • Board Membership is broken into 2 categories
  • 3 to 49 employees $1,265 for 1 year or a discounted rate of $3,410 for 3 years
  • Over 50 employees $3,850 for 1 year or a discounted rate of $10,395 for 3 years

Individual Membership

Individual Membership is open to those working in the digital and telecommunications industries

  • Individual Membership is available at a cost of $99 for 1 year or a discounted rate of $1,034 for 3 Years

Associate Membership

Associate membership is open to individuals from industries other than the digital & telecommunication sector who feel they could benefit from ADTIA support.

Associate Members will also be able to access ADTIA industry information.

  • Associate Membership is available at a cost of $99 for 1 year

Training Provider Membership

ADTIA in conjunction with the Antenna Installer Endorsement Scheme (AIES), endorsed by government, ensured all digital reception installers were trained, registered, and performed to the benchmarks, standards and requirements established by the industry.

ADTIA worked with the Industry to develop training resources to enable RTO's to deliver the Certificate III Digital Reception Technician qualification in line with the requirements of the AQTF and the ICT10 training package.

ADTIA now works with TITAB in developing resources to meet qualifications and Skill Set outcomes for the ICT v3 Information and Communications Technology Training Package. The following link to the TITAB website contains the current training product list with all resources available for purchase:

As an ADTIA RTO member you will be entitled to a 5% discount on purchases of resources from TITAB.