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Benefits of ADTIA Membership

Your Benefits

Industry Stakeholder Engagement

ADTIA engages with industry stakeholders and enterprises to support and grow the industry by:

  • Industry and Enterprise engagement through forums and committees to:
    • Participate on technical and standards committees
  • Industry and Enterprise engagement through forums and committees to:
    • Technicians
    • Influence Government Standards and update Industry stakeholders
    • Enterprises
    • Minimising risk when installing products and services
  • Employment opportunities through engagement with Retail Service Providers and NBN Delivery Partner members of ADTIA

Working with Governments

  • Working with Government:
    • To access funding to build local transferable skills
    • As an advisory group for the Digital and Telecommunications industry
    • Closely working with Government and ACMA
  • Establishing benchmarks to meet industry & enterprise standards through:
    • Regular consultation with Industry Enterprises
    • Undertake skills and quality program reviews
    • Develop industry and worker resources
    • Analysis of industry quality data

Workforce Development and Training

  • Providing access to education and training for:
    • New and existing workers within the industry
    • Enterprises supporting and achieving national standards
    • Accredited RTO's /Apprenticeship Centres/Trainee schemes
    • New entrants and students looking for work in this industry
  • Providing long term workforce development opportunities for:
    • National Broadband Network build
    • Retail Service Providers
    • Digital Services such as FTA, Subscription TV
  • Government and Industry (ADTIA) endorsed and funded training
  • Quality Training-ensuring Registered Training Organisations are up to date meeting both your skill requirements and industry standards